Gift for Fortnite player – 10 interesting gadgets

Finding the perfect gift for a Fortnite fan can be quite a challenge considering the extensive offerings of online stores. The game has become so popular that gadgets for players are plentiful. So how to find a perfect gift that the recipient will be happy with? In this post we point out 10 best ideas.

How to choose the best gift for a Fortnite player?

Fortnite is a free-to-play multiplayer game that has gained immense popularity all over the world in a short period of time. The free access to the game and the well-balanced gameplay has made players spend huge amounts of time in the game. The basic principle of the game is to get resources to build a fortress from which players are supposed to protect the land from monsters. Each player can also build their headquarters, which grows as the game progresses. If the person being gifted is a Fortnite fan then finding a gift shouldn’t be much of a challenge. Gadgets for fans are quite a lot. The problem comes in choosing the best one that will make the player happy.

gift gadgets for gamer fortnite

Fortnite has attracted players of all age ranges – both younger and older people play the game. When deciding on the purchase it is worth taking into account the age of the recipient. For a school child a backpack or a pencil case will certainly be a good choice, while an older player will definitely be more pleased with a collectible figurine or a gift card with game points. In this article we present 10 ideas for the best gift for every Fortnite player.

Nerf Fortnite launchers for gift

On the wave of the game’s popularity, Nerf has released a series of pistols and rifles that resemble those in Fortnite. Small pistols, rifles, grenade launchers, and rocket launchers are available in online stores. Most of the models are compatible with basic Nerf Elite arrows and special rockets for the launchers. Apart from that, Nerf Fortnite water guns are also available in the offer. Before buying it is worth finding out what type of weapons the recipient prefers – everyone has their own favorites. Regardless of the choice of model, such a gift is sure to please a Fortnite player who loves playing with launchers in the backyard.

Collectible figurines for Fortnite player

Decorating the room with references to the game is a priority if the recipient is a loyal fan of the game. That is why giving a Fortnite player a collectible figurine as a gift can be a great idea. Funko Pop series offers over a dozen figurines related to the characters from the game, which additionally have a collector’s value. Definitely, a collection of such figurines will look great on the shelf or desk of every Fortnite player. It is important to check when buying if the product is licensed and officially approved by the game manufacturer. Apart from the figurines themselves, a set of figurines together with the whole construction of the headquarters from the game will also be a great gift.

Key ring – gift for Fortnite fan

Keys are owned by most of us – whether it’s for home, garage, locker at school or gym. That being said, a keychain is a very versatile item that, when combined with a figure, can make a great gift idea for a Fortnite player. There are keychains that relate to characters from the game available in online stores that are made of plastic or material. There is sure to be something interesting for every fan. Keychains can be used not only for keys, but also can be attached to a backpack or a bag, so they can look great all the time. The Funko Pop series has over a dozen characters in its offer and you can create a mini collection at home.

Fortnite player mascot as a gift

The mascot is a great alternative to the collectible figures presented above. Gifted to a young Fortnite player as a gift, it can make a great sleeping companion or to place on a desk as a trophy. Mascots inspired by characters like llama or hamburger are available. All mascots are licensed and created from good quality materials making them perfect for gifts. The most popular are Fortnite mascots from Tm Toys, which besides good quality plush are characterized by good durability.

Game inspired bedding

The perfect addition to the decor of a gamer’s room, in addition to figurines and mascots, will be bedding with Fortnite graphics. In stores you can buy great quality comforter covers and pillowcases made of 100% cotton. Depending on the manufacturer, the pillowcases are buttoned or zippered. You can choose between brightly printed sheets with the llama character or slightly darker models with print referring to the graphics from the game. It is important to pay attention to whether the product is licensed by the manufacturer – Epic Games – when buying bedding as a gift for a Fortnite player. This is especially important for players who want to officially support the manufacturer and the Fortnite brand.

Fortnite t-shirts for the game fan

It is often said that clothes reflect our personality. There must be some truth in this because T-shirts and sweatshirts with Fortnite graphics are extremely popular among players. There are clothes for both children and adult players available in stores. Depending on the preferences of the gifted person, you can choose T-shirts with the logo of the game and with graphics of popular characters. Regardless of your preference, a sweatshirt is sure to be a great gift for any Fortnite player. However, it is worth paying attention to the size of the T-shirt – if it is going to be used for sleeping, it is worth considering whether to order a larger size.

A hat as a gift for a Fortnite fan

Among fans of the game extremely popular, right after T-shirts, are baseball caps with Fortnite graphics. They are a great gadget for a trip to the seaside, where protection from the sun’s rays is extremely important. Moreover, the cap with Fortnite logo perfectly complements the outfit with a T-shirt. Such a set is perfect as a gift for any Fortnite player. There are colored and one-color models available in stores with logos or graphics from the game such as weapons. Apart from baseball models, there are also winter hats for Fortnite fans with embroidered graphics.

Backpack for school with Fortnite graphics

If the gifted person still goes to school, Fortnite backpack may be an interesting idea for a gift. There are many models of backpacks available in online stores, which have graphics with characters or icons from the game. The backpacks have two basic compartments where you can put your books or even your laptop or tablet. Some models have additional pockets on the side and front for additional accessories such as pens or a cell phone. All of the backpacks shown below use zippers that are also branded with the game logo.

Fortnite Monopoly for a gift

Monopoly is one of the most popular board games on the market, and now it is available in a modified version, prepared especially for all Fortnite fans. The game is designed for 2 to 7 players, who can choose from as many as 27 characters from the game. Monopoly Fortnite has slightly modified rules in relation to the original – money has been replaced with life points, and the locations of the cities have been replaced with places from the game. Additionally, wall cards appear in the game, and social and chance cards have been replaced with storm and crate cards. Another novelty compared to the original is the introduction of the action cube, which can unpredictably mess up the gameplay a lot. The gift will be perfect for all fans of Fortnite and board games.

Gift cards with points for Fortnite

Fortnite is a free-to-play action game that has attracted hundreds of millions of players around the world. In the game, in addition to free content, there are also items that can only be obtained by refilling your virtual wallet with V-dollars. V-dollars are a special in-game currency that allows players to buy special skins for characters, weapons and tools, as well as emoticons, animations or even special loading screens. There are special gift cards available in stores, which have a special code that replenishes the player’s wallet with a specific number of V-dollars. Such a gift will especially appeal to Fortnite players who love to stand out in the crowd with unique game items.

What to avoid when buying a gadget for a Fortnite fan?

Buying a gift for a gamer seems like a relatively simple matter, but nothing could be further from the truth. One of the most common mistakes in buying a gift for a gamer is deciding to buy a game. Unfortunately, such a gift is very risky, if we do not know the specific tastes of the recipient, or do not know his library of games. Nowadays, many games are bought virtually without receiving any physical object in the form of a box and CD with the title. As a result, it is difficult to check what games are already in the possession of the birthday boy or girl.

idea gift for gamer fortnite

A much safer way to look for a gift for a Fortnite gamer is to opt for some gadget related to the game, and preferably if the item is licensed. When looking for a gadget for a player, it is worth taking into account his age, interests, as well as the quality of the product and its price.

Here’s a list of gift ideas for the Fortnite player:

  1. Nerf Fortnite Launchers
  2. Collectible figurines
  3. Keychains
  4. Mascots
  5. Fortnite printed bedding
  6. T-shirts
  7. Hats
  8. Backpacks
  9. Monopoly Fortnite
  10. Fortnite V-Dollar Cards

Regardless of the gift chosen, a game fan is sure to appreciate the fact that the item is related to their favorite game.

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