How do I check the graphics card temperature?

Computers are complex structures, one of the most important parts of which is the graphics card, which plays one of the main roles when processing graphics or video. It is also quite important for computer games, as it allows you to enjoy beautiful animations and smooth gameplay. The graphics card can reach significant temperatures, especially under load. However, how to check the temperature of a graphics card and what is this knowledge actually needed for?

how to check the nvidia graphics card temperature

How to check the temperature of a Windows graphics card?

  • Task Manager (Windows 10, Windows 11) – if someone wants to quickly check the temperature of the graphics card, without having to download additional software, then the fastest way will undoubtedly be the Task Manager on Windows. Just use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Esc or search for “task manager” in the “search” tool. Once the manager opens, go to the “performance” tab and the temperature of the card will be displayed in parentheses, right below the card name.
  • AMD Wattman – this is dedicated software for managing graphics cards from AMD. This program allows you to display an overlay with selected parameters of the graphics card and the whole computer. One of these parameters is the graphics card temperature.
  • Geforce Experience – a program designed to manage Nvidia cards. As in the case of AMD, here there is also an overlay displaying graphics card temperature. In addition, the program offers numerous additional functions related to the graphics card.
  • MSI Afterburner and other programs – there are plenty of programs on the market for various purposes that can provide information about the current temperature of the graphics card. One of the most notable is MSI Afterburner, which is a good choice if one is looking for a program to manage the graphics card or even the CPU. This program can run independently of the dedicated graphics card software and is highly recommended by gamers.
how to check the graphics card temperature task manager

How to check the temperature of an Nvidia or AMD graphics card?

It doesn’t really matter which graphics card one has. It only results in different dedicated software, but the checking process itself is identical, and the Windows task manager displays the temperature in the same way for each graphics card.

Why should I check the graphics card temperature regularly?

The temperature of a graphics card can reach up to 90 degrees Celsius. For some cards, temperatures of 60-70 degrees are quite normal under load. These temperatures make the cooling system an extremely important element of the computer, and the temperatures circulating from the range assumed by the manufacturer, is a problem that is worth attention, because ignored can result in a serious failure.

Why is it so important to control the graphics card temperature?

The graphics card reaches considerable temperatures, especially during intensive activity. We are talking here about using graphic programmes, rendering images or films or playing games with high graphic parameters. In such situations the card may overheat, which in turn results in a drop in performance and often makes it difficult to work or play in the game. Regularly checking the average temperature of your card can help prevent overheating and help prolong the life of your card.

how to check the graphics card temperature windows 10


Overclocking, or overclocking the parameters of a graphics card, in order to increase its performance. In case one plans to “overclock” one’s card, controlling the card’s temperature is extremely important and it is worth knowing how to check the graphics card temperature. If you forget about it, overclocking may end up with burning the card, and this is something that everyone would rather avoid, considering how much graphics cards are worth.

How to reduce the temperature of a graphics card in a laptop?

What in case you are using a laptop? Here the best way would be to purchase a cooling pad, which provides additional support for the laptop’s built-in cooling system. Regular cleaning of the hardware may also help.

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How do I check the graphics card temperature?

The temperature of the graphics card in your computer or laptop can be done in several ways, including using AMD Wattman, GeForce Experience, or MSI Afterburner. You can also take advantage of the built-in Task Manager utility.

How to check the temperature of Nvidia graphics card?

For Nvidia graphics cards there is a special overlay that allows more convenient control of the temperature while the game is running. To do this, install GeForce Experience.

How to check the Windows 10 or Windows 11 graphics card temperature?

You can successfully check the temperature of your graphics card in Windows 10 or Windows 11 from the Task Manager. You can open it by right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting Task Manager.

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