How do I install drivers for my graphics card?

Technology is constantly evolving, with new solutions, new programs and new games appearing on the market. Manufacturers and developers compete to offer users new features. This requires improvements in communication between the operating system and the parts of the computer – for example the graphics card. It is also possible that we will need new drivers e.g. after formatting. How to install drivers for graphics card?

What are drivers?

A driver is a special computer program that allows the operating system to communicate with the hardware in the hardware casing. It is thanks to them that applications know how to render images correctly and printers know how much ink to use for printing a given document

Why do I need to update drivers for my graphics card?

Hardware manufacturers are responsible for creating drivers. Many people neglect to update them if seemingly everything works. Few know that outdated drivers can reduce performance in games – even by several frames per second! In addition, manufacturers do their best to improve the stability of operation. Sometimes you won’t even be able to start a new game with outdated “drivers” on your computer. That is why it is so important to know how to install the latest drivers for your graphics card. Fortunately, the whole process is trivial!

how to install new drivers for your graphics card

How do I install new drivers for my graphics card?

There are several ways to make sure you have the latest drivers for your hardware. With the latest operating systems this is almost automatic, thanks to Windows Update. Laptops also often have their own driver manager provided by the computer manufacturer. It ensures that the drivers selected will be appropriate for your laptop model. However, if for some reason we have to do it ourselves – the automatic solutions do not work properly or we are after the format – the tools provided by hardware manufacturers or updating through system tools will help

Updating with system tools

The simplest answer to the question of how to install graphics card drivers in Windows 10 or 11 is “use system tools”. The method can be especially effective for hardware that does not have dedicated applications from manufacturers. To do this, right-click on the Windows logo in the taskbar and select “Device Manager” from the drop-down list. From the list, select “graphics cards” and expand the category by clicking on the plus located to its left. The name of the appropriate video card should appear. Now, we have to right-click on it and choose the option “update driver”.

how to install the latest drivers for your graphics card

Alternatively, we can save the name and model of our graphics card, as it will be useful for the next steps. For external graphics cards, especially high-end ones, it will be better to use dedicated applications provided by the manufacturer

How to install drivers for NVIDIA graphics card?

To install drivers for NVIDIA graphics card, go to the manufacturer’s website( In the upper right corner of the website, select the drivers tab. You will see a list of graphics card choices, where you should find your own model, driver type and preferred language. After that, we will start downloading a convenient installer, which will guide us through the whole process.

how to install nvidia graphic card drivers

An even more convenient method is to download GeForce Experience, which once installed will detect your graphics card and keep your driver up to date. The application also offers a number of additional features, such as optimizing settings in games, recording game fragments, creating screenshots or live broadcasts

How do I install drivers for my AMD graphics card?

If we want to install drivers for AMD graphics card, we have to take the same steps as for the “green” cards. We go to and choose the “Drivers & Support” option. There we choose our product from the list and download its installer. If we are not sure what driver we need, we can use the “Auto-Detect and Install” option, which will automatically select the appropriate driver for our device. To find such an option, select any graphics card and choose “Auto-Detect and Install” from the list of downloads

how to install amd graphics card drivers

AMD also has its equivalent of the GeForce Experience program. This is AMD Software, which offers analogous functionality – it automatically detects hardware and makes sure our drivers are always up to date. It also offers performance reports, game statistics and many other features. The easiest and safest way to use it is

Update drivers for integrated graphics cards

If our graphics card is integrated with processor, we should go to processor manufacturer’s website. In the case of AMD, the task is similar to the one described above, with the difference that we choose “processors with graphics” from the list

how to install the integrated graphics card drivers

For Intel devices, drivers can be found at We go to the “Products” tab where we search for the device we are interested in and download the offered drivers.

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How do I install drivers for my graphics card?

Installation of the drivers is very simple. For this purpose, you will need access to the Internet to download the latest version of the software. Alternatively, you can use the software on the bundled CD (if included), but these will probably need to be updated to the latest versions to avoid possible errors in the operation of the graphics card.

How do I install the latest drivers for my graphics card?

The latest drivers should automatically update themselves using Windows Update or manufacturers' applications, if installed. However, if this does not happen - the latest drivers should be downloaded from the manufacturers' official websites.

How to install drivers for Nvidia graphics card?

You can download these drivers from the official NVidia website. To do so, search for your graphics card from the pop-up list and download the prepared, latest drivers.

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