Cheat for all weapons in GTA 5

GTA 5 is a very good game, which has been on the market for quite a long time, and yet – still supported by the developers. RockStar Games does this through constant updates to the online mode, improving the loading speed of the game or by adjusting it to the next generation of consoles. The game itself is not an easy one to play, so below I present the cheat code for all GTA 5 weapons and how to use them on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

Cheat code for all weapons for GTA 5 on PC

On personal computers, there is a choice of how to use the code for all weapons for GTA 5. The first is to enter the code using the console. The second – entering the number using your phone.

Cheat for all weapons

To enter the code for all weapons on PC, start the console with the tilde (~) during the game. This character takes care of under the ESC button in the upper left corner of the keyboard.

Then, to get all the weapons, enter the code below:


When you enter it correctly, all available weapons in the game will appear in your inventory.

Phone number for all weapons

You can also use your phone to activate the option of all weapons in your inventory completely for free (with a little cheating). To do this, slide your phone out of the game with the up arrow (↑) and then turn on contacts. Then press the spacebar to activate the numeric keypad. The number for all weapons is:


After typing it in, press ENTER. After successful activation, all weapons will appear in your inventory.

gta 5 cheat for all weapons

Cheat for all weapons for GTA 5 on PS

Running the code for all weapons for GTA 5 looks different on game consoles. Their most important difference is that you don’t type in the correct code, but instead execute the correct sequence of buttons on the pad while playing.

To activate the code for all weapons, follow the sequence below:

Triangle, R2, Left, L1, Cross, Right, Triangle, Down, Square, L1, L1, L1

Once you have completed the correct sequence, your inventory will contain all the weapons that are available in the game.

Cheat for all weapons for GTA 5 on Xbox

Just like the consoles from Sony, on the consoles from Microsoft you also follow the right sequence to activate the code for all the weapons in GTA 5. On the Xbox consoles you also press more buttons to finally activate the code. To activate the code, you need to follow the sequence:

Y, RT, Left, LB, A, Right, Y, Down, X, LB, LB

After it is done, the player’s inventory will be full of all available weapons that can be used during his or her private game.

Summary – weapon cheat code for GTA 5

Weapon cheat code can be very useful, especially during more difficult stages of the game, when our skills are not fully sufficient.

It’s worth noting at this point that activating the codes for GTA 5 will trigger a lock that will prevent you from earning achievements and trophies, which is something to keep in mind. Once you restart your session, the codes should be disabled and the achievements/trophies can be earned.

Check them all out!

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