Minecraft – how to make glass and glass pane? Tutorial and application

Glass and glass pane in Minecraft serve a purely decorative function. To make them, you need sand, a furnace and something to burn through, such as coal or wood. Glass, just like glass pane, can have several colors, so we can make beautiful house windows, glass skyscrapers or greenhouses. How is glass made?

How to make glass?

To make glass in Minecraft, you need sand, coal (or some other resource with which you can burn through sand, such as wood or charcoal), and a furnace. After setting up the furnace, we put sand on top, dug from the desert for example, and put coal on the bottom. When the arrow – the progress bar – fills up to 100%, we get a colorless glass.

Jak zrobić piecyk w MInecraft?
Step 1: To make glass, you must first make a furnace
Jak zrobić szkło w Minecraft?
Step 2: You can melt the sand into glass in the furnace
Jak zrobić szybę w Minecraft?
Step 3: From glass, you can make a pane of glass

Glass is in the form of a block, we can put it anywhere we want, but trying to extract it will destroy the block of glass and nothing will fall out of it. To extract a block of glass without destroying it, you must have a tool with the Silk Touch spell.

Putting glass into practice in the world of Minecraft

Glass can be used not only for decorative purposes, but you can also make some interesting and necessary items out of them. Here are some of them:

  • Glass pane (6x glass)
  • Glass bottle (3x glass)
  • Coloured glass (1x Dye, 8x Glass)
  • Magic Lantern (5x Glass, 1x Nether Star, 3x Obsidian)
  • Daylight Detector (3x glass, 3x quartz, 3x wooden blocks)
  • Borderline Crystal (7x glass, 1 ghast tear, 1x Ender’s eye)

The above items can not only add variety to the surroundings, but they are also helpful, such as a glass bottle. Thanks to it we can prepare potions and drink them during the expedition.

Coloring Glass in Minecraft

The glass can come in more than a dozen colors, from white to black. You can personalize your cottage even more by inserting glass in your favorite color. You can color the glass 16 colors:

Białe szkło – White Stained Glass

To dye glass white, you need bone meal. We get the bone meal from the bones, and then we convert the bone meal into white dye. We then combine the dye with the glass.

Orange Stained Glass

To dye the glass orange, you need orange dye. This dye is obtained through an orange tulip.

Magenta Stained Glass

To dye the glass crimson, we need crimson dye. We get the crimson dye from meringue flowers and garlic.

Light Blue Stained Glass

To dye the glass light blue, we need light blue dye. We get the light blue dye from the blue orchid.

Yellow Stained Glass

Yellow glass is obtained thanks to yellow dye. Yellow dye is obtained thanks to dandelion and sunflower.

Lime Stained Glass

The light green glass is obtained thanks to the light green dye. The light green dye is obtained thanks to the sparkle plant.

Pink Stained Glass

To dye the glass pink, we need pink dye. We get the pink dye from the pink tulip and peony.

Gray Stained Glass

To dye the glass gray, we need gray dye. We first get the gray dye from bone meal, which we convert to white dye. We then combine the white dye with an ink cyst that falls out of the squid or with black dye.

Light Gray Stained Glass

A gray dye is needed to dye the gray glass. The gray dye is obtained from the flowers of white tulip, margaret and blue houstonia.

Cyan Stained Glass

To dye the glass blue, we need blue dye. We get blue dye by combining cactus green and blue dye.

Purple Stained Glass

Purple glass is obtained by combining glass and purple dye. Purple dye is obtained by rose red along with blue dye.

Blue Stained Glass

Blue glass is obtained by combining glass and blue dye. The blue dye is obtained thanks to azure ore or cornflower.

Brown Stained Glass

Brown glass is obtained thanks to a brown dye. Brown glass is obtained thanks to the cacao plant.

Green Stained Glass

We get green glass thanks to green dye. The green dye is obtained thanks to the cactus.

Red Stained Glass

Red glass is obtained by combining glass and red dye. The red dye is obtained by poppy flowers, red tulip and rose bush.

Black Stained Glass

Black glass is obtained through black dye. The black dye is obtained thanks to wither rose and squid.

How to make glass in Minecraft

How to make a glass pane in Minecraft?

The glass pane in Minecraft is made with six pieces of glass of the same color. On the crafting table, you arrange the glass in two rows. Glass pane also has its own colors. There are 16 of them – the same as the glass colors:

  • White Stained glass pane
  • Orange Stained glass pane
  • Crimson Stained glass pane
  • Clear blue Stained glass pane
  • Yellow Stained glass pane
  • Lime green Stained glass pane
  • Pink Stained glass pane
  • Gray Stained glass pane
  • Light grey Stained glass pane
  • Blue Stained glass pane
  • Purple Stained glass pane
  • Blue Stained glass pane
  • Brown Stained glass pane
  • Green Stained glass pane
  • Red Stained glass pane
  • Black Stained glass pane
How to make glass pane in Minecraft?

Glass pane in Minecraft can be used to make a number of things, such as different colored barriers or glass pane in windows.

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