How do I deactivate auto in Phasmophobia?

Phasmophobia is a horror game that contains many elements designed to suffice the player and create a precarious situation when faced with an encounter with a ghost. One element that may suffice the ghost hunter is the howling car alarm on one of the maps. In this tutorial, we outline in a few steps how to quickly disable it.

Phasmophobia – how do I turn off my car alarm?

When searching for a ghost in Phasmophobia, it is very important to remain calm, as the phantom often indicates by sounds which room it is in. This can be turning on the radio, running water from the tap, or playing the piano. Some ghosts become disturbed if their territory is violated and try to scare players away by using lights out or setting off alarms in the car. This is such a nuisance that the sound must first be turned off in order to continue the investigation.

car alarm phasmophobia

To begin with, you need to find a car key that should be located in the investigation area. It is slightly larger than a standard house key and only comes in black. It can often be found on tables, countertops and consoles. Its location is random, but I usually find it right on the first table after entering the house on the Tanlgewood Street House map. When you find the key, simply point the cursor in its direction and press the E key on your keyboard.

how to turn off the car alarm phasmophobia

To make sure that the key is in our inventory, just open the journal with the J key and go to the Overview tab. In the keys section, you should find two keys: one for your house and one for your car. The keys will be visible to all players during the session, regardless of who collected the item.

phasmophobia how to turn off the car

The final step to disable the car alarm in Phasmophobia is to approach the car and then click the left mouse button. The alarm should go off immediately. It is not necessary to hold the key in your hands, but it is important that the player’s hand is empty. There is a chance that the ghost will turn on the car if you are near it. In this case, just walk up to the car again and click on it with the left mouse button.

Disabling the alarm in Phasmophobia

To disable the car alarm in Phasmophobia, simply follow these steps:

  1. Find the car keys at home
  2. Take the car key to the inventory
  3. Check if the car key is in the inventory
  4. Approach the car with the alarm activated
  5. Make sure your hand is free
  6. Click on the car with the left mouse button
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