How do I fix and adjust the microphone in Phasmophobia?

Phasmophobia is a game where players have the ability to communicate with ghosts using a spirit box or Ouija board. Unfortunately a lot of players have a problem with not working microphone. In this tutorial we will show you how to set up the microphone in Phasmophobia and what to do when the microphone is not detected by the game.

How do I set up my microphone in Phasmophobia?

Communication via microphone in Phasmophobia is not required for gameplay, but it definitely adds to the atmosphere. The game’s speech recognition allows you to communicate with ghosts using a Ouija board and Spirit Box. Players can also talk to each other without using additional communicators. Additionally, the player who walks away will be less audible, which adds to the effect of being in a haunted house.

To check if the game will correctly interpret the words spoken to the ghost, go to the options menu and then go to the Sound tab. There you can check if the right microphone is assigned to Phasmophobia. In the same, you can run a test to confirm whether the microphone works and recognizes the voice. Just click the “Test” button and then speak “Give us a sign” into the microphone, depending on the language set.

phasmophobia mic not working

If the board displays “We heard you!” it means that the microphone is configured correctly. If the game does not recognize your voice, check to see if the microphone is set as the default on your system.

To do this, go to the control panel and then to the Hardware and Sound tab. From the list of available options, click “Sound”. A new window with several tabs should open. From the available tabs, select “Recording” and see if there is a green icon next to the microphone you are using to communicate in the game. If not, just right-click on the desired microphone and from the list click the “Set as default device” option. Once the microphone is configured, reset the game and run the test again.

How do I fix the microphone in Phasmophobia?

There is a chance that even a working microphone will not detect voice in Phasmophobia. The reason may be the lack of an installed language pack in Windows. The game uses voice recognition built into the system, so the presence of the appropriate drivers is necessary to talk to the ghosts in the game. To install the language pack, go to the Windows settings and then go to the Time and Language tab. The next step is to go to the Speech tab, which is located on the left side of the screen.

phasmophobia how to set up a microphone

While on the Speech tab, scroll down to the Installed voice packages section. If there is no entry there, you need to add voice packages in the Manage Voices section. Just click the button on the left and choose the language you want from the drop-down list. Phasmophobia recognizes voices in several languages, so it is worth choosing your preferred language plus English. After installing the package, it is a good idea to reset your computer and then run a voice recognition test in the game options.

Phasmophobia does not detect microphone – what to do?

Please note that Phasmophobia is an early access game on Steam, so various bugs may appear in it. If, despite the correct configuration, Phasmophobia does not detect the microphone, it is worth trying simply resetting the game. Very often it turns out that the problem is caused by programs running in the background, which also use the microphone, such as Discord or Audacity. Before starting the game, it is worth to disable these applications, so that Phasmophobia has full control over the microphone.

phasmophobia microphone not working

There is also a group of players who have had microphone problems in Phasmophobia by running Steam as administrator. If none of the above tips helped then running Steam without administrator privileges may be able to solve the problem. It’s also a good idea to check that your system has the latest update installed and make sure you have the latest microphone drivers installed before turning on the game.

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