Voodoo Phasmophobia doll – what does it do?

The Voodoo Doll is one of six cursed items that can appear during an assignment in Phasmophobia. Using it greatly assists in identifying the spirit without waiting long or risking death.

What does a voodoo doll do? – Phasmophobia

One of the items that may appear in the investigation area is the Voodoo doll, which comes from the December Phasmophobia update. It is a rag doll with a red heart, button eyes, and a sewn-on mouth. It can be found on countertops or shelves, as well as on garbage cans in the garage and dining room tables. Taking a picture of the Voodoo Doll in Phasmophobia will be marked in your journal as “Voodoo Doll” and will add some bonus points to your order.

voodoo doll phasmophobia

To use the doll, simply grab it in your hand and press the right mouse button. Interacting with a cursed object will cause one of ten pins to be pressed. Each pin pressed will cause the spirit to interact with an item. The Voodoo doll is best used in the ghost’s room, as it will force the ghost to interact with an EMF reader, write in a book, leave fingerprints on doors, windows, switches, or appear in a d.o.t.s projector. The ghost interaction that will be triggered, by pressing a pin, is random and cannot be predicted.

What to watch out for when using a Voodoo doll in Phasmophobia?

This use of the Voodoo doll in Phasmophobia makes it easy to identify the ghost without risking death by waiting a long time to interact. Note, however, that each pin pressed reduces the player’s mental health by 5%. If a pin in the heart is pressed, the player’s mental health will drop by 10% and a cursed hunt will begin in their area. If the player presses a pin with less than 5% mental health, all pins will be pressed and the ghost will begin a cursed hunt.

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