The Sims 4 Vampire Cheats

The Sims 4 Vampires is the name of the fourth game pack, which was released on January 24, 2017. The expansion introduces a new supernatural character to The Sims 4 – vampires. Supernatural Sims are immortal, must avoid the sun and have supernatural powers. A new dark environment called Forgotten Hollow is added to the game along with the pack. Cheats for The Sims 4 Vampires allow you to quickly develop new skills and become a vampire.

Where to enter cheats for The Sims 4 Vampires?

All cheats for The Sims 4 Vampires will only work correctly if they are entered into a special in-game console. You can run it using keyboard shortcut CTRL + Shift + C on PC or by pressing L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 on PS4 or LB + RB + LT + RT on Xbox One. Some cheats require activating special mode – to do this, enter the testingcheats true code into the console window and confirm by pressing Enter.

Cheats for turn Sim into a Vampire in The Sims 4

Becoming a vampire in The Sims 4 is the first step to entering the mysterious and supernatural world from the game pack. Vampires in The Sims 4 can have supernatural powers, sleep in coffins, and avoid the light of day. There are two cheats for becoming a vampire in The Sims 4. The first makes a Sim become a vampire a few days after entering the code – as if they were bitten by another vampire. The second cheats makes a Sim turn into a vampire right away.

  • stats.set_stat_commodity_BecomingVampire 2160 – turns a Sim into a vampire after a few days
  • traits.equip_trait trait_OccultVampire – turns a Sim into a vampire instantly

How to stop being a vampire in The Sims 4?

Being a vampire in The Sims 4 comes with a lot of advantages, but also a lot of disadvantages. For some players, these disadvantages are bothersome enough to change their Sim back to a normal character. The cheat to turn a vampire into a Sim is quick and works instantly.

  • traits.remove_trait trait_OccultVampire – turns a vampire into a Sim

Skill cheats from The Sims 4 Vampires

The Sims 4 Vampires adds two new skills to the game – vampire lore and playing the pipe organ. The first skill is closely related to exploring the knowledge of being a vampire. While reading up about vampire, the Sim can replenish power points. The second skill Sim can only develop on the pipe organ or through cheats. The highest skill level allows you to play songs of different genres and even allows you to write your own works. Skill cheats from The Sims 4 Vampires allow you to quickly unlock the highest level of Vampire lore and pipe organ skill.

  • stats.set_skill_level Major_PipeOrgan 10 – Max out Pipe Organ skill
  • stats.set_skill_level VampireLore 15 – Max out Vampire Lore skill
the sims 4 vampire perk points cheat

Cheats for vampire hidden traits

The Sims 4 Vampires gameplay pack adds three new life aspirations – Good Vampire, Master Vampire, and Vampire Family. The reward for completing each is a new Sim character trait. With cheats for The Sims 4 Vampires, you can quickly unlock hidden traits without completing the aspirations or remove them.

  • traits.equip_trait TheMaster – Adds trait I am the Master
  • traits.remove_trait TheMaster – Remove trait I am the Master
  • traits.equip_trait TrueMaster – Adds trait A True Master
  • traits.remove_trait TrueMaster – Remove trait A True Master
  • traits.equip_trait RegainedHumanity – Adds trait Regained Humanity
  • traits.remove_trait RegainedHumanity – Remove trait Regained Humanity

The Sims 4 Vampire power points cheat

In The Sims 4 Vampires there are 5 levels to become a vampire master. Each subsequent level can be unlocked by earning power points. At the beginning the Sim becomes a minor vampire, then he can advance to prime vampire, master vampire and finally become a grand master vampire. Cheats for The Sims 4 Vampires add power points that allow you to unlock levels in seconds.

  • Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP 202 – Adds power points to advance to a Minor Vampire
  • Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP 630 – Adds power points to advance to a Prime Vampire
  • Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP 1058 – Adds power points to advance to Master Vampire
  • Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP 1486 – Adds power points to advance to Grand Master Vampire
  • Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP 1593 – Adds a maximum level of power points
the sims 4 vampire power points cheat

The Sims 4 Vampire perk points cheat

Vampires in The Sims 4 have the ability to unlock additional powers using a special tree. There are up to 25 power available in the expansion, which can be unlocked depending on the level and power points gained. The following cheats for The Sims 4 Vampires allow you to unlock vampire powers in a few seconds. In the space (SimID) you need to enter a special number assigned to your Sim. To find out the SimID number, type the code in the console: sims.get_sim_id_by_name (Sim first name) (Sim last name) and confirm.

Level 1 vampire power

  • bucks.unlock_perk DetectPersonality true 40961 (SimID) – Adds power Detect Personality
  • bucks.unlock_perk BatForm true 40961 (SimID) – Adds power Bat Form
  • bucks.unlock_perk Hallucinate true 40961 (SimID) – Adds power Cast Hallucination
  • bucks.unlock_perk AlwaysWelcome true 40961 (SimID) – Adds power Eternally Welcome
  • bucks.unlock_perk PotentPower_3 true 40961 (SimID) – Adds power Occult Student

Level 2 vampire power

  • bucks.unlock_perk AlluringVisage_3 true 40961 (SimID) – Adds power Vampiric Charm
  • bucks.unlock_perk VampiricStrength_Level3 true 40961 (SimID) – Adds power Vampiric Strength
  • bucks.unlock_perk Command true 40961 (SimID) – Adds power Command
  • bucks.unlock_perk GarlicImmunity true 40961 (SimID) – Adds power Garlic Immunity
  • bucks.unlock_perk VampireCreation true 40961 (SimID) – Adds power Vampire Creation

Level 3 vampire power

  • bucks.unlock_perk Mesmerize true 40961 (SimID) – Adds power Mesmerize
  • bucks.unlock_perk NocturnalAffinity_Level3 true 40961 (SimID) – Adds power Child Of The Moon
  • bucks.unlock_perk IrresistibleSlumber true 40961 (SimID) – Adds power Irresistible Slumber
  • bucks.unlock_perk ManipulateLifeSpirit true 40961 (SimID) – Adds power Manipulate Life Spirit
  • bucks.unlock_perk VampiricSlumber_Level3 true 40961 (SimID) – Adds power Vampiric Slumber

Level 4 vampire power

  • bucks.unlock_perk EmotionalDampening_Level3 true 40961 (SimID) – Adds power Dampened Emotions
  • bucks.unlock_perk VampireRun true 40961 (SimID) – Adds power Supernatural Speed
  • bucks.unlock_perk NeedsNaughtiness true 40961 (SimID) – Adds power Deprive Needs
  • bucks.unlock_perk ResistanceSolis_Level3 true 40961 (SimID) – Adds power Sun Resistance
  • bucks.unlock_perk LoseHumanity_Hygiene true 40961 (SimID) – Adds power Odorless

Level 5 vampire power

  • bucks.unlock_perk EmotionalBurst_3 true 40961 (SimID) – Adds power Influence Emotion
  • bucks.unlock_perk MistForm true 40961 (SimID) – Adds power Mist Form
  • bucks.unlock_perk LoseHumanity_Social true 40961 (SimID) – Adds power Beyond The Herd
  • bucks.unlock_perk TameTheThirst true 40961 (SimID) – Adds power Tamed Thirst
  • bucks.unlock_perk LoseHumanity_Fun true 40961 (SimID) – Adds power Immortal Pleasures

Vampire reset powers and remove weaknesses

Selected vampire powers or weaknesses can interfere with gameplay in The Sims 4 over time. Below are cheats for The Sims 4 Vampires that reset powers and remove weaknesses. To use the cheats, you will need your SimID number, which can be found by typing the code in your console: sims.get_sim_id_by_name (Sim first name) (Sim last name)

  • bucks.lock_all_perks_for_bucks_type 40962 (simID) false – Removes weaknesses but leaves chosen vampire powers
  • bucks.lock_all_perks_for_bucks_type 40961 (simID) true – Resets powers and weaknesses
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