Do two graphics cards double the power?

Many people with PCs are looking for ways to improve the performance of their hardware. In the beginning you can replace various components, but sooner or later the new possibilities will be exhausted. Then the idea of adding an additional graphics card may come up. Does this make sense? What do two graphics cards offer?

What is a graphics card and what is it responsible for?

Graphics card is one of the basic components of a computer. It is responsible for rendering images that we see on the computer screen. The graphics card also assists the processor, which improves the performance of the computer.  A good quality GPU is required for many tasks:

  • processing of photos,
  • film editing,
  • making computer animations,
  • playing games,
  • streaming.

What do two graphics cards provide?

As you can guess, connecting two graphics cards together will significantly increase the performance of the equipment we own. However, we should keep in mind that such a combination will not increase the capabilities of our equipment twice. The increase in power will depend on the optimization of the program or game that we use. Another important aspect is that the purchase of two graphics cards from the middle shelf will be much cheaper and currently simpler than buying a top model, and the performance of this solution will be similar.

linking graphic cards in computer

Of course, we can also combine the top two graphics cards in a PC. This solution will be a good solution if we are going to work on two monitors in high resolution and do activities that require a lot of power from playing games to using virtual reality.

How to combine two graphics cards?

Wanting to combine two graphics cards, we must be aware that we will not combine all models. We can perform this operation only on specific models that support this type of action. Two graphics cards in a computer can be connected only if they support the appropriate technologies – Crossfire (AMD cards) or SLI (Nvidia cards).

To connect GPUs, you will also need a suitable motherboard. It must have a minimum of two PCIe Express ports, as well as the appropriate certifications for the aforementioned technologies. We must also take into account the computer case and appropriate power supply.

how to match two graphic cards

The latest graphics cards are very large components that require a lot of space, so your PC case should have enough free space. Before you combine two graphics cards, you should also check if your power supply is capable of providing the required amount of power to your computer. It is also worth investing in additional cooling to lower the temperature of the hardware.

Two graphics cards – advantages and disadvantages

Before you decide whether you want to combine two graphics cards in your computer, it is worth considering the pros and cons of this solution.

Advantages of card linking

The obvious advantage of combining two GPUs is the increase in power, which we can use while working or playing games. This will be especially appreciated by fans of high detail and the ability to play on 4K monitors. The power we get thanks to this solution will also allow us to delay the replacement of hardware. Sometimes it is enough to add a second graphics card, and this will give us the needed increase in power.

Disadvantages of linking cards

On the other hand, this solution has drawbacks that may reject many interested parties. Adding a second graphics card often requires replacing other components – a case capable of accommodating two GPUs and a new power supply to supply the hardware with power. An additional cost will also often be additional cooling to reduce temperatures and noise levels. Of course, you should also be aware that the purchase of a graphics card nowadays costs from 2 to even 8 thousand zlotys, depending on the model.

two card graphic

Connecting Graphics Cards in a PC

Before we decide to buy and combine two graphics cards, we should analyze all pros and cons of this solution. In this way we will receive a power boost, which will positively influence the quality of our work, but it may require us to make additional investments than just an additional model of graphics card. The combination of two mid-range graphics cards may currently turn out to be a very attractive alternative to purchasing the most powerful models whose availability is currently limited.

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Can I combine two graphics cards in one computer?

Yes, it is possible, but the cards, as well as the other components, must work together.

What graphics cards support card linking?

Many different graphics cards support this feature (SLI in case of graphics cards from Nvidia and Crossfire from AMD). However, it is important to note that the other components should also support the technology.

Does a second graphics card mean more power?

It depends. In most cases, a combination of cards is a decidedly more powerful computer than with a single graphics card. It's important that these graphics cards, as well as the other components, work together.


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