Christmas gift for gamers – proven ideas

There’s not much time left until Christmas, so it’s the perfect time to do some thoughtful shopping for gifts under the tree. In this article, we present proven Christmas gift ideas for gamers from different price ranges.

What to buy for a gamer for Christmas?

Each of us dreams about the fact that the gift we buy will be the right one and will make the recipient happy. When choosing a gift for a player for Christmas you should take into account his interests and the equipment he currently owns. If the recipient is a fan of PlayStation and owns a previous generation console, the new version of the device may be a dream gift. On the other hand, a fan of Super Mario games will be happy with a new Nintendo Switch console.

gift under the chain for a gamer

When buying a gift for Christmas for a gamer, it is worth rejecting buying a game at the start. Every gamer has his favorite game genres, and even studios that produce games. So there is a good chance that a favorite game is already on the shelf of the recipient, and his next copy will be an inappropriate gift. Nowadays, games are collected not only on the shelf in the room, but also on virtual platforms. Hence, getting information about the game you own is difficult. Here are some Christmas gift ideas for the gamer that will appeal to everyone.

Console as a gift for Christmas

A new console may prove to be the perfect Christmas gift idea for a gamer who already owns a console of an earlier generation. Every few years, manufacturers release a new model of the device, which supports nicer games, has more processing power, etc. Before buying it is worth to know which generation of console the recipient already has and which platform he likes the most. Four devices dominate the market: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Nintendo Switch OLED. Each of these consoles will appeal to a slightly different gamer, so it’s a good idea to look at the available library of games before buying. In some stores, you can even get the console with an extra game – such sets come out very reasonably priced.

Gaming pads and controllers as gifts

Pad is a basic accessory found in the room of each player who owns a console. For each device comes with at least one controller that allows you to play comfortably on the couch. An interesting idea for a gift for a player for Christmas can be a second such pad, which will allow the game for two people at the same time. There are controllers for Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch available in online stores. Nothing stands in the way if the recipient plays on a computer. The Xbox pad can also be used to play computer games. When buying it is worth paying attention to the manufacturer of the controller and the wireless function. Definitely the best gift will be an original pad, which will ensure comfortable gameplay.

A steering wheel for gamers – a Christmas gift

If the recipient is a fan of racing games, a steering wheel for gamers may turn out to be an interesting gift for Christmas. Some players like to play with a keyboard and mouse, while others prefer to enjoy the virtual game holding a pad in their hands. The rest of the players cannot imagine taking part in a virtual race without a special steering wheel. There are sets available in online stores that include the mentioned steering wheel, pedals and a gearbox. Among the recognized manufacturers of steering wheels for gamers, there are mainly Logitech and Thrustmaster. A gaming wheel can be connected both to a computer and to selected consoles.

Keyboard as a Christmas gift

A keyboard is one of the basic components of a desktop computer. Every avid computer gamer should have at least one good quality keyboard in their room for comfortable gameplay. Maybe this keyboard will turn out to be the perfect Christmas gift for a gamer. Even if the gift recipient already has a keyboard, there is nothing to prevent him from replacing it with a better model. Online stores offer special keyboards designed for gamers, which provide a comfortable key stroke and have a low delay between the click and response in the game. Most models also offer special RGB lighting, which is very popular among fans of virtual gaming.

Christmas Tree Computer Mouse

The basic components of a computer set include the aforementioned keyboard and computer mouse. This is the accessory that is most exploited by players, so it is recommended to replace it every few years. For experienced players, an ideal gift for Christmas will be a computer mouse on a cable with a high DPI indicator. This indicator is otherwise the sensitivity of the mouse to hand movements. For games that require quick reactions this aspect is of great importance. Gamers need a mouse that will also provide them comfortable gameplay for several hours. There are mice available in online stores that are specially shaped for gamers’ hands.

Gaming mouse and keyboard pads

In recent years there has been an increased interest in mouse and keyboard mousepads for gamers. A good quality mousepad can save a gamer from wrist pain, plus it can be a great design element. Most manufacturers offer mousepads that have an additional RGB stripe that can be programmed in many ways. A gamer who already owns a glowing keyboard and mouse is sure to enjoy such a gift for the holidays. Mousepads of many sizes are available in stores. It is worth to check the width of the desk before buying, so that some of the pads will not stick out.

Computer headphones as a gift for Christmas

Headphones are a great idea for a Christmas gift for players who often play with friends. They allow for comfortable game play even for long hours and the attached microphone enables efficient communication with other participants of the virtual game. Good quality headphones allow to more precisely determine the location of the enemy, which is extremely important in network games. For players, definitely recommended earphones on the cable – this will ensure the absence of any lag in relation to the game. This type of accessory is also great for fans of watching movies or listening to loud music without disturbing other household members.

Gift cards – a gift for the gamer at Christmas

If the gifted person already has their dream computer equipment, and buying a gadget is too risky, then an ideal gift idea for a gamer under the Christmas tree will be a gift card. There are special prepaid and pre-paid cards available in online stores, which, when activated, replenish funds in virtual stores. Such a solution will allow the player to use these funds to buy a game of his choice or an add-on to his favorite title. Before making a purchase, it is important to check on which platform the player purchases virtual games.

How to choose the perfect Christmas gift for a gamer?

The answer to this question is not as easy as it may seem. In stores there is a whole lot of computer games and gadgets, which could appeal to fans of virtual games. However, it is worth to start your search for the perfect gift from getting to know the interests of the person you are giving the gift to. Knowing the favorite platform or the way of playing will allow you to choose a gadget that will serve the player for many years.

Prezenty dla graczy na święta

When choosing a gift, it is also worth remembering that even if the gifted person has a given gadget, for example a pad, it does not mean that he or she will not need another one. The situation is similar in the case of a computer mouse, which can be exchanged for a better model or used together with a laptop.

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