Gift for Minecraft player – 10 ideas

Minecraft is one of the more popular survival games in recent years. The ability to build your own world using cubes has attracted millions of players. This popularity has translated into a mass of great gadgets that are perfect as gifts for fans of this game. Below we present 10 of the most interesting gadgets with a Minecraft theme.

What would be the best gift for a Minecraft fan?

Minecraft is a game for computers and consoles that millions of players have come to love. The primary objective of the game is to survive in a world made of cubes, which hides many secrets. The player has to not only get food, but also build a shelter, obtain resources and protect himself from enemies. The survival mode combined with the possibility of building various structures made the game popular all over the world. Fortunately, this popularity has made many gadgets available on the market, which are perfect as gifts for Minecraft fans.

gift for fan minecraft

Minecraft is a game that does not have expansions and add-ons available, like The Sims series. Therefore, if we want to buy a gift for Minecraft player, we have to look around for gadgets. Fortunately, there are many of them – mugs, pencil cases, backpacks, blocks, figurines, etc. Before buying it is worth to take into account the age of the player. Minecraft is a game which is mainly targeted at children, but even adults can have a lot of fun in it. From the available assortment, you can buy a backpack and a pencil case for school, as well as a stylish lamp or a figurine for your room for the Minecraft fan. Below we present as many as 10 proven gift ideas that will make any fan of the game happy.

Lego Minecraft bricks for a gift

The possibility of building various structures in Minecraft fits perfectly into the convention of building blocks. So the company that produces the most popular building blocks in the world has teamed up with the game’s creator. Thanks to this cooperation, great quality Lego sets inspired by the game were created. You can choose between small sets that contain about 150 elements and large sets that contain over 500 elements. This is the perfect gift for a Minecraft fan who has a lot of room. There are plenty of sets and they look great folded up on shelves. The series is so popular that new sets come out every year, so there’s a good chance you’ll be able to buy a new one at every opportunity.

Figures – a gift for Minecraft players

Another interesting gift idea for a Minecraft gamer’s room is to purchase a Minecraft game-inspired figurine. Collector gamers will definitely be happy with such a purchase. The figurine placed on a shelf or desk can be a kind of trophy that will decorate their room. There are large figurines and smaller ones available online in sets. A gift for a Minecraft fan in the form of a figurine will be successful if it comes from a licensed series, such as TM Toys or Mattel. A licensed product is also a guarantee of good quality and collector’s value in the case of Funko POP figures.

Minecraft themed mascot for a gift

If the gift is to be given to a younger Minecraft fan, it is worth thinking about buying a character from the game in the form of a mascot. Online stores offer mascots inspired by such characters as: a skeleton, a spider, a cow, a sheep and a pig. Mascots depicting the most popular opponent in the game, the green Creeper, are also popular. This is the perfect gift for a Minecraft fan who loves to collect mascots. Some of them are equipped with special hooks that allow you to hang the mascot on a special hook. Small mascots with an attached tag can be used as a key ring.

Minecraft gamer gift in the form of a lamp

A bedside lamp is practically in every child’s room, but not everyone can boast of one inspired by their favorite game. A lamp with a game theme is a great gift idea for a Minecraft player who likes to sleep with the light on, or does his homework with a lamp on his desk. There are lamps with a special shade imitating a cube from the game or lamps which resemble game characters available in online stores. Among the most interesting models it is worth mentioning the lamp looking like the main character of the game Steve or Creeper, which is the most popular opponent. The offer also includes the lamp which can be arranged by the fan with the prepared blocks from the game Minecraft.

Mug as a gift for a Minecraft fan

It might seem that a mug cannot be an interesting idea for a gift, but online stores offer mugs that can definitely appeal to Minecraft fans. Among the available offerings are mugs that change graphics when exposed to temperature, or ones that you can design yourself with special stickers attached to the mug. No Minecraft fan will be able to pass indifferently by a gift in the form of a mug with the diamond motif and the diamond pickaxe used in the game. Mugs inspired by the game’s main antagonist, the green Creeper, are also worth a look.

Collectible books for Minecraft players

Books with stories and tutorials for the game are also very popular among Minecraft fans. Publishers such as HarperKids or Egmont have even published entire series of books dedicated to the game. In each book, you can find tutorials for a specific area in the game: combat, survival, building, and even enchanting. Some of them additionally have stickers or a small figurine from the game. This type of gift will definitely appeal to those Minecraft fans who love not only playing, but also learning the secrets of the game from books and newspapers. The game is built in such a way that it is the player who can discover piece by piece the elements prepared by the creators.

Minecraft themed bedding as a gift

Bedding is another interesting option for the room of any Minecraft fan. In online stores you can find cotton beddings with Minecraft-inspired prints. Among the offers dominate sets with a pillowcase measuring 70×90 cm and a comforter cover measuring 140×200 cm. These are the most popular sizes, so there is a good chance that the size will be right. There are quite a few prints to choose from, and many of them will suit both younger and older players. Such a gift will surely please every Minecraft fan, who will be able to decorate his room with another element referring to his favorite game.

Backpack for school – the perfect gift for Minecraft fan

If the gifted person still goes to school or often goes on trips, a backpack with special prints inspired by the game may turn out to be a good gift. There are small and large backpacks with Minecraft motifs available in stores. Some of the models depict characters from the game: skeletons, creepers, zombies, llamas and endermen. Definitely, such a gift will appeal to Minecraft players, who need a backpack for everyday use. When choosing the right model, it is worth to pay attention to the number of additional pockets and check whether the model has, for example, reflective elements.

Minecraft Player Pencil Case

A perfect complement to the school set with a backpack will be a pencil case with a Minecraft theme. Online stores offer pencil cases in the shape of a tube and a sachet, as well as versions with two compartments. All of them have a special print referring to the game. This gift will definitely please every Minecraft fan, who already has a backpack from a similar series in his collection. Another very interesting item is the Pixie Crew pencil case, which has a silicone panel, on which you can put your own pictures – just like in Minecraft. This type of gadget will surely make a big impression on your schoolmates.

Minecraft fan gift bottles and breakfast boxes

Two items can make breakfast at school a lot more fun. If the giftee loves Minecraft and goes to school, the perfect set for him will be a bottle and a breakfast bag with the game’s theme. There are beautiful bottles and breakfast bags available in stores, which look like objects taken straight from the game. The Minecraft fan will enjoy drinking from the bottle in the shape of a torch and eating from the breakfast container with the characters from his favourite game on it. This gadget will certainly match perfectly with the pencil case and backpack presented above.

What to buy for a Minecraft fan?

The above list proves that there are plenty of gadgets for Minecraft players and certainly something for everyone. When buying a gift, you should take into account the age of the recipient and their needs. Each of the presented items will please a fan of the game, but they are definitely directed to a specific age group.

Here are the best gift ideas for the Minecraft gamer:

  1. Lego Minecraft Blocks
  2. Figurine
  3. Minecraft mascot
  4. Night light
  5. Mug
  6. Books & Tutorials
  7. Minecraft printed bedding
  8. Backpack
  9. Pencil case
  10. Bidon with breakfast bag
what gift for minecraft fan

One of the most common mistakes made when buying gifts for gamers is buying games without first knowing the gift recipient’s preferences. Every gamer has their favorite game genres, as well as studios that release games. Therefore, hitting the right game can be very risky. In the case of a Minecraft gamer, the best gift will be a gadget from the list above. There are no expansions or add-ons that can be purchased for this game, and versions for other platforms may not appeal to the recipient.

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