Valentine’s Day gift for gamer – 8 interesting ideas

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spend a pleasant evening with your other half. Often this day is celebrated by giving a gift to the beloved or loved one. In this article we suggest what to buy for Valentine’s Day if the gifted person is a player.

What to buy for a gamer for Valentine’s Day?

If we are buying a gift, we want the recipient to be happy with it. The matter becomes even more important if we are buying a gift for a loved one. It’s not that complicated to find the perfect gift for a gamer on Valentine’s Day. You need to first of all take into account the gaming equipment you already have. You may find that you need a second pad to play together or a new keyboard.

idea gift for a gamer for Valentine's Day

The best way to get the perfect gift is to simply ask the other person what they would like to get. However, if the gift for Valentine’s Day for a gamer is going to be a surprise, then you need to go for the tried and tested solutions. There’s a range of gaming products that will always come in handy, no matter what equipment you have. Keyboards or mice are computer accessories that sometimes need replacing. You can also bet on something more impressive, such as a desk pad with led lighting. The following are a few proven gift ideas in different price ranges.

Gaming mouse pad

A desk is a space that looks very different in every gamer. Some people have only their computer hardware on their desk, while others keep documents and other office accessories on it. Regardless of what is on the desk, it is important that the gamer’s desk is a comfortable place to relax. Recently, mouse and keyboard pads have become popular. They allow you to keep your wrist on the desk comfortably, and some models spice up your desk with LED strips. This type of accessory can definitely be a perfect gift for a gamer for Valentine’s Day. There are models in various sizes available in stores – some cover only the mouse area, and there are also some that are placed under the mouse and the keyboard. Before buying the biggest mouse pad you should check if it will fit entirely on your desk.

Keyboard as a Valentine’s Day gift

The keyboard is a basic computer accessory that needs to be replaced from time to time. The exploitation of the equipment is so intensive that some models require replacement even every 3-4 years. So this is the perfect opportunity to get your sweetheart or loved one a keyboard for Valentine’s Day as a gift. There are models available in stores that have specially shaped keys for gamers to make their gameplay more enjoyable. In addition, some keyboards have striking backlighting, which is extremely popular among gamers. When buying a keyboard, it is worth checking if it has additional function keys and if it is resistant to possible water splashes. Some gamers also like the presence of num lock keys on the right side and key backlighting to make it easier to use at night.

Mouse – a gift for gamers for Valentine’s Day

Another computer accessory that is heavily used and often needs replacing is the mouse. Everyday clicking in games and on websites makes even the best models need to be replaced after a few years. It may turn out that a mouse will be a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day for a gamer. In online stores there are special mice for gamers, which are specially profiled, so that your hand does not hurt after many hours of playing. Some models are additionally weighted to maintain the best possible precision. When buying it is worth paying attention to the number of DPI (the higher, the better) and additional buttons.

Gaming Headphones

Headphones are a useful gadget for any game fan who lives with other household members. Thanks to them you can sit at your computer until late hours without disturbing others with the game noises. In addition, headphones are great for playing online together. Some models have microphones, which make it easier to communicate with others. It is definitely an interesting solution for a gift for a gamer for Valentine’s Day. In stores, there are models specifically tailored to gamers, which allow you to locate the enemy by sound alone. When choosing wireless headphones, you should check the possible delay, which can significantly affect the gameplay. However, these models will be able to be used not only for a computer, but also for a laptop, smartphone or console.

Extra pad for playing together

Valentine’s Day is a special day for everyone in love, so it’s a good idea to spend it together. If you both like games, maybe an extra pad is a good idea for a Valentine’s Day gift? There are plenty of games available for computers and consoles that allow you to have fun together. A perfect example would be It Takes Two or Just Dance. It all depends on what kind of console the gifted person has and what kind of game you want to play. For motion games you need to buy special controllers for PlayStation, kinect for Xbox and standard pads for Nintendo Switch.

pad gift for player for Valentine's Day

An armchair as a Valentine’s Day gift

If the gifted person sits in front of the computer a lot, it is worth taking care that his/her posture does not expose the spine to additional strain. For several years on the market there are special armchairs for gamers, which allow comfortable gaming for many hours. If the chair of your beloved leaves a lot to be desired in terms of ergonomics, you may want to decide on a gaming chair for Valentine’s Day. There are models available in different colors and designs – some of them directly refer to your favorite game or character from your favorite title. When shopping, it’s worth choosing such a chair, which has an adjustable backrest and metal wheels.

Speakers for gaming and watching movies

Everyone can safely say that while watching a movie, the picture and sound are the most important. With games, it is very similar, so to feel the full satisfaction of the game it is worth investing in good quality speakers. The most popular are 2.0 or 2.1 sets – the first number indicates the number of front speakers, and the number after the dot indicates the presence of a subwoofer in the set. If the gifted doesn’t own speakers, you may want to think about a gift for Valentine’s Day that will consist of a new set of speakers for your computer. The stores offer compact models that will fit on any desk and larger models that are designed for loud music enthusiasts.

Webcam for Valentine’s Day

At a time when remote learning and remote working is gaining popularity, having a webcam is a must. Not only does it help with work, but it can also supplement your conversations when you are far away from each other. If the gifted person has a desktop computer, a webcam can be a nice gift for Valentine’s Day. Laptops, tablets and smartphones usually have built-in cameras, but if you are dealing with a computer gamer, the matter is not so obvious. When buying a camera, it is worth checking the resolution and the possibility of placing it on the monitor. In some cases, it may also turn out that the presence of a built-in microphone will be crucial.

Is the game a good gift idea for a gamer for Valentine’s Day?

We presented above that finding a gift for Valentine’s Day for a gamer is quite easy. All you have to do is see what your other half is interested in and buy the right computer hardware or accessories for the console you already own. When planning their purchases, many people think about buying a game. This type of surprise can only work if the gifted person indicates the specific title they want.

cool gift for a gamer for Valentine's Day

Why is it risky to buy a game as a gift? Nowadays, where game shelves are virtual, we are unable to check if a person already owns a particular title. Wish lists on Steam or Origin can help, but these are often outdated. An interesting way out of this situation is to buy a special recharge card to an electronic game store. A gift for Valentine’s Day should be thoughtful. Therefore, it is best if we buy something according to the preferences of the loved one, taking into account the already owned games or computer equipment.

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