How to update graphics card drivers?

Graphics cards, more specifically its drivers, need to be updated regularly. This is of great importance as they are responsible for its proper work. The constantly developing technology causes that every now and then new updates appear on the market in order to ensure smoothness of the image and perfect quality of details. Even the best card may stop fulfilling its role after some time if it is not updated on a regular basis. It is therefore worth learning how to update graphics card drivers in the correct way.

How to update graphics card?

There are a few available ways to update your graphics card. One of them is to use the manufacturer’s software for this purpose. You will receive a driver CD along with your graphics card when you purchase it. There are current updates available on it that will allow it to function properly.

how to update nvidia graphics card drivers

The graphics card can be updated using additional programs, such as Driver Booster. It allows you to check the validity of your drivers and install new ones if available. It is a free program that definitely makes your computer easier to use.

How to update Windows 10 graphics card?

Many people wonder how to update Windows 10 graphics card drivers, a task that is definitely easier than you might think. It allows you to update the drivers without using any additional programs. In order to carry out this process, follow the steps below:

  1. Search for and select “control panel” from the computer menu,
  2. Find the “hardware and sound” section,
  3. Select the “device manager” option,
  4. Find your graphics card in the list,
  5. Go to the “driver” tab
  6. Run the driver update option,
  7. Choose to search for the driver online or on disk (if previously downloaded).
update the graphics card in your computer

This is a quick way on how to update the graphics card in your computer.

Update drivers through the manufacturer’s website

Another way to do this update is to visit the manufacturer’s official website. There you will always find the latest and secure updates that will keep your graphics card running smoothly. However, the installation process is slightly different depending on the type of device that needs to be updated.

The graphics card plays a very important role in the computer. It is especially important for users who enjoy virtual entertainment. It is of great importance to regularly update its drivers, which are responsible for smooth operation. If they are not installed on the computer it can significantly slow down its work and result in problems with the image.

how to update your graphics card

Updating drivers is very easy and, most importantly, does not take much time. By choosing one of the following ways, you can do it quickly and without any problems. This will keep your graphics card running smoothly.

How to update drivers for NVIDIA graphics card?

Go to Then select “Drivers” from the options available there. A convenient search engine, which is located on this site, allows you to find the appropriate model of your graphics card easily and quickly. The update should be downloaded and installed in just a few minutes.

How do I update my AMD graphics card drivers?

To update the AMD brand card, it is necessary to enter the manufacturer’s website, which can be found at The next step is to select the “Drivers & Support” option. Using the search engine, find the model of the card, and the update for it will be downloaded to your computer. The last step is to install it on your device.

how to update windows 10 graphics card drivers

How to update drivers of the INTEL video card?

Updating the drivers for INTEL cards is done in the same way as for the other cards. It is necessary to visit the manufacturer’s website Then find the “Products” tab and select the card model you own. Installing the update should not take more than a few minutes.

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Is it possible to manually download a graphics card update?

Yes, you can do this by visiting your graphics card manufacturer's website.

How often should I update my graphics card?

Graphics card manufacturers release new driver versions relatively often. It is worth repeating this step once a month.

What are the most popular graphics cards?

The most popular graphics cards are those from NVidia and AMD.

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