How do I enter the Minecraft server?

Things seem very simple. But probably each of you had a problem, how to enter the Minecraft server, how to log in, where to enter the Minecraft server address and what do the rest of the options mean? I invite you to a short tutorial.

Where do I enter the Minecraft server address?

A Minecraft server address is a string of numbers or letters, called an address. An address can be this code:, as well as Once we have this code, we start Minecraft and go to the Multiplayer tab.

How to enter the Minecraft server - multiplayer mode

When you click on this button, it will show us a list of previously added Minecraft servers. If you have never added Minecraft servers before, this will be blank. If you want to add a new Minecraft server, click on the Add Server button now.

Adding a server in Minecraft - how to enter a Minecraft server?

This will open a tab with two fields to fill in. The first one – the name of the server – is only for us. We can freely name the server, for example, I named my server. In the second tab, we give the address of Minecraft server that we got earlier (eg. or We do not change the last tab, leave it as it is and click Done.

Enter address and name of Minecraft server

When you click on it, you will go back to the server list, and it will appear in the server list.

List of added Minecraft servers

Now, to enter the server, we select it and click join.

Finally, we will see the loading screen and you will see the world in the Minecraft server.

Successfully entered the Minecraft server

These simple steps have led you to the possibility of playing on a Minecraft server. Now you can play together with other players, invite your friends to play together and enjoy the gameplay.

Quick reference guide

To summarize what is described above: what do you need to do to enter a Minecraft server? Here are some simple steps:

  1. Launch Minecraft.
  2. Click Multiplayer Mode.
  3. Click Add Server.
  4. In the Server Name field, type your name for the server (e.g. My Server)
  5. In the Server Address field, type your server address
  6. Click Done.
  7. Select the added server in the list.
  8. Click Join.
  9. Enjoy the game.

Common mistakes

Mistakes are often made during this process. If you are also experiencing any problems – check these subsections.

  • Check if the server address is correct. It may happen that you made a typo. Check carefully that you have not made any typos and that the entire address matches. A mistake even in one place will result in not being able to bounce to the server.
  • Check that your version of Minecraft matches the server version. Sometimes Minecraft servers have a lower version of the server than you are playing. You can change to a different version of the game in the launcher menu. Find out the version of your Minecraft server and make sure you are using the same version

If you still have any problems – write in the comments below.

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What do I need to join a Minecraft server?

You need the IP address of the Minecraft server and Minecraft game.

Why can't I get on the Minecraft server?

Check that you did not make an error when entering the server address.

I entered a good server address, but I still can't get on the server. Why?

This could be because the version of the Minecraft server is different than the one you have. Also make sure the server is online.

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