How to play Minecraft together? Step by step guide

Minecraft is a game that almost everyone knows. It’s a world made of cubes that can be freely edited – build and destroy, create buildings, build settlements, neighborhoods and cities.

You can make the entertainment even more fun by inviting your friends to play together, build together, spend time together and much more. Once you have downloaded and launched the luncher, you click start, turning on the game. Then, to play Minecraft together behind your friends, you can use several options.

Method #1 – Sharing the game on a local network

We can share Minecraft over a local area network (or LAN). This is the kind of network that connects computers and devices in your home through a single router. This means that you can play with a friend or sibling while connected to one network in one house. However, you won’t be able to play with a friend who is already in a different place, street, or city. For this you will need method number 2. Here are the instructions for using the first method:

We start the game in the standard way, by entering the single player mode. Next, go to the Share in LAN tab. Then a settings window will appear, in which we do not have to change anything and click on Run world in LAN. Then you will see on the screen what port the game is running on. Finally, the person in second place can click on multiplayer mode and then look for the game in the server list. It will appear at the very bottom of the screen. Now all you have to do is click Join and enjoy playing together.

co play in Minecraft

How to play Minecraft together – a quick guide

  1. Start up and start the game
  2. Go to “share on LAN”
  3. Customize settings
  4. Share the game
  5. Join a server on the LAN

Method #2 – Create your own Minecraft server

Method number two is based on creating your own server at your computer. This means that a little more work on the part of the player will be required to run the game. The topic is so vast that another special article was written on how to create a Minecraft server. Alternatively, you can buy such a server from external providers for a specific monthly fee. However, this is preferable when you want to create a server for a large number of players and it has to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Once you find the address, just distribute it to your friends, click multiplayer and then join the server. More step by step information in the post on how do I enter the Minecraft server.

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How to play Minecraft together?

Here are some simple steps:

  • Start the game
  • Click ESC and go to the LAN Sharing tab
  • Customize your sharing settings
  • Click on START LAN WORLD
  • Another player on the local network can join your game via the PLAY MORE tab
  • You should now see your LAN world in the server list
  • Enjoy the game!

What do I need to enable the game on a local network?

The computer should be connected to the local network via Wi-Fi or directly by cable to the router.

Is there a fee to play on a local network?

No, playing Minecraft on a local network is free.


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