What do animals eat in Minecraft?

Have you ever wondered what animals in Minecraft eat? Each animal has its own favorite treat that it eagerly eats, but also follows it as long as it sees it. By feeding animals in Minecraft, we can also breed animals and increase our farm with different animals. Below are the highlights of what the different animals in Minecraft like to eat.

What do chickens eat in Minecraft?

Chickens are very popular animals and easily available. They provide feathers, eggs, and meat so we are able to make arrows, pies, and regenerate hunger. They first appeared in Minecraft in the Alpha version. They have 4 points of life. Some interesting facts – ocelots kill chickens, you only need one chicken to create a whole farm, they lay eggs every 5-10 minutes or so, zombies can appear while sitting on a chicken (since version 1.7.4) and they don’t get fall damage because they fly until they are on the surface. Additionally, they can jump over a hurdle in pursuit of food when we hold a grain seed in our hand.

Their appearance is probably familiar to everyone – they have white and gray feathers and wings, small black eyes, yellow beaks and legs, and red “beads” under their beaks. They even have their specified “dimensions” in Minecraft: tall at 0.875 blocks, wide at 0.5 blocks, and long at 0.8125 blocks.

Chickens love to eat the various seeds found in Minecraft. Their favorites are cereal seeds, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, and chard seeds. They are not fond of cacao seeds, but that is the only exception to the rule.

What do chickens eat in Minecraft?

How to make a chicken farm?

To raise them, all you need is a few eggs and a small fenced area that can be quietly expanded over time. Then we throw eggs in the fenced area until two chicks are born. Then we wait until they have grown. We reproduce them with the grain seeds by right-clicking on them. When you see the hearts on one and two chickens, after a while, you should see a third, tiny chicken. To build the whole breeding you need to continue in the same way. With such a chicken farm, it’s also best to have a grain farm next to it, which will harvest both grain and grain seeds at the same time.

What do pigs eat in Minecraft?

Pigs in Minecraft were added to the gameplay even earlier chickens, because already in the Classic version (so a very, very long time ago). It provides mainly meat, and more specifically pork. The amount of meat that the player gets when killing a pig varies from one to three per pig. When killed by fire, a roasted pork loin may fall out right away, which restores more hunger points. They definitely have more life points than hens as they have as many as 10 of them.

The appearance of the pigs is standard – they are all pink, with darker streaks of pink in places, with black eyes and a bulging nose (as of Beta 1.8).

Of interest: the pig can drown just like the player if it stays underwater for too long, despite its size it can pass through 1×1 blocks, the pig can be ridden with a saddle and steered with a carrot on a fishing rod, and also the pig will be hit by lightning will turn into a Zombie Pigman.

The pig’s favorite food is, of course, carrots. They also like beets and potatoes. The growing process of a pig can be accelerated by feeding carrots to piglets.

What do pigs eat in Minecraft?

How to make a pig farm?

Analogous to the breeding of chickens – in the first place we mark out the area and fence it with a fence. In time, of course, you can enlarge this area. Next, you find two pigs and attract them to your pen with, for example, a carrot or a potato. We breed the pigs through the carrot by clicking on them with the right mouse button. After a while, when hearts appear on both pigs, a third pig, a piglet, should appear. This is how we breed pigs in our farm. Next to the breeding farm, it is a good idea to make a carrot farm.

What do cows eat in Minecraft?

Cows are the third most popular animal in Minecraft and was added in Alpha version 1.0.8. The beginning of cows was rough, its sounds were weird and it was black and white. Only in subsequent versions did they improve the cow sounds and their appearance. They provide skin, milk and beefsteak. After dying from fire, the player receives roasted beefsteak. However, after killing a calf – a small cow – nothing comes out of it. It is most often found in meadows and lives in numerous herds – from 4 to even 15 cows in one herd. Just like pigs, they have 10 life points.

The cows have a distinctive appearance – they are white-brown, have udders, and the size of the heads of young cows is the same as the adults, despite the smaller size of the rest of the body.

Interestingly, if you right-click on a cow with an empty bucket in your hand, you will get a bucket of milk. Each cow can be milked an infinite number of times. The growing of calves can be accelerated by feeding them wheat.

What do cows eat in Minecraft?

Cows eat mainly wheat. It allows us to breed cows in the same way as we breed pigs and chickens, by right-clicking on them and having wheat in our hand.

How to make a cow farm?

Breeding cows can be done in a similar way to breeding pigs or chickens: fence off the designated area. This area can be easily expanded as your farm grows. Then look for two cows in the area and lure them with wheat to your farm. You can breed them with wheat by right-clicking on them. After clicking, hearts will appear above the cows, and after a while, a calf should appear before our eyes. It’s a good idea to have a wheat farm near the pen so that you’re always close to the cows’ favorite meal.

What do llamas eat in Minecraft?

Llamas in the Minecraft world are a neutral mob that appears in herds of a few individuals. They can be found on the savannah and extreme hills. You can put crates on llamas. Thanks to this we will get additional 15 places for transporting items. You can’t change the number of places, they have a specific number assigned to them. Rugs can be placed on llamas, and each of them has a different pattern. Llamas have up to 22 life points, and they can attack with the strength of 1 life point in one blow – spitting.

Llamas come in a variety of coatings – white, light gray, cream and brown. Their color depends on the biome where the llama is found. It is possible to put a rug over it. There are a total of 22 variants of llamas, which differ in their coatings, the color of the carpet and the pattern on it.

What do llamas eat in Minecraft?

An interesting fact about llamas is that when you catch one llama on a leash, other llamas will start following it, forming a caravan. One caravan can consist of up to 10 animals, including baby llamas. Additionally – when you hit one of the llamas, all the others, even the tame ones, will start spitting at the player, dealing damage. They are deterred by wolves, which are aggressive towards them and will spit at them, provoking them to fight. Llamas can be tamed, but there is no way to control them. Instead, they can be led on a leash. When you put a rug on an invisible llama, it also becomes invisible.

Additionally, a special llama appears in the game – the trader’s llama. It is a separate mob from normal llamas, which is reborn together with the wandering trader. She is reborn with a pattern ready for her and can be tamed in the same way as a normal llama.

The llama’s delicacy is a sheaf of hay. It can also be used to breed llamas. Taming llamas is done in the same way as with horses: Approach a wild llama and click on it with your empty hand with the right mouse button. Once on the llama, the player will likely be thrown off, but after a few times the llama will allow you to stay on its back and heart animations will appear to indicate that the llama has been tamed. Each unsuccessful attempt to tame the llama increases the chance of taming it by 5%.

What do horses eat in Minecraft?

Horses in Minecraft did not appear until version 1.6.1. They can be found on the savannah and the plain. Horses can be controlled after taming them and putting a saddle on them. The speed and stamina of the horse is completely random. A chest can be put on the horse to store items. You can even put armor on them to reduce the damage they take. There are also different varieties of horse in Minecraft: donkey, mule, zombie horse and skeleton horse.

They are the fastest mode of transportation in Minecraft. They can jump up to five blocks high. They are usually found in packs.

Interesting facts – horses cannot reproduce while wearing armor, they have different Jump and Run stats depending on their stamina. They have a total of 7 coat colors, 5 types of patches, and if you cross a horse with a donkey, a mule will be born, which gives you a total of 37 animal appearance combinations. Horses grow up gradually, and this process can be accelerated by giving them the right food. They can have more life points than the player, and horses can regenerate their points, but at a slower rate than the player’s regeneration.

Horses eat quite a few treats, compared to other animals in Minecraft:

  • Sugar – restores 1 life point
  • Cereal – restores 2 life points
  • Apple – restores 3 life points
  • Gold Carrot – restores 4 life points
  • Bread – restores 7 life points
  • Golden apple – restores 10 life points
  • A sheaf of hay – restores 20 life points
What do horses eat in Minecraft?

How to breed horses in Minecraft?

Breeding horses in Minecraft is different from breeding cows, pigs or hens. They are spawned with a golden apple or golden carrot and cannot be spawned when they are wearing armor, are untamed, or are too far apart. Offspring can be one of many types. The process of growing a horse itself takes about 20 minutes. They begin this process with the condition of the foals, which are skinnier than their parents. Once a young horse is born, its owner will automatically become the player who owns the parents. The young horse will follow its parents until it grows up, so it will follow its parents on a journey with the player.

The process of growing up can be sped up with treats:

  • Sugar – makes you grow up an extra 30 seconds
  • Cereal – speeds up growing up an extra 1 minute
  • Apple – speeds up growing up an extra 1 minute
  • Golden Carrot – speeds up growing up an extra 1 minute – activates love mode
  • Bread – speeds up growing up an extra 3 minutes
  • Golden Apple – speeds up growing up an extra 4 minutes – activates love mode
  • Haystack – speeds up growing up an extra 3 minutes

How to tame a horse in Minecraft?

Taming an adult horse must be started by clicking on it with the empty handle of the right mouse button. After climbing on it, the player will likely be thrown off the horse. After several unsuccessful attempts, the horse will finally let you stay on its back and the heart animation will appear. Only from this moment on, the saddle can be put on the horse. The initial chance to tame a horse is 0%. Each failed attempt increases the chance to tame a horse by an additional 5%. In addition, when you feed your horse, you increase the taming chance for each treat:

  • Sugar – additional 3%
  • Cereal – additional 3%
  • Apple – additional 3%
  • Golden carrot – additional 5% – activates love mode
  • Bread – additional 3%
  • Golden apple – additional 10% – activates love mode

Summary – what do animals eat in Minecraft?

Animals in Minecraft eat a variety of treats, from horses that eat quite a lot to cows that don’t eat much. In this article, I only described the most important animals and the treats they eat. You can expect another article in the near future where I’ll touch on treats and taming sheep, parrots, ocelots, turtles, wolves, and a few others.

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