Pentagram Phasmophobia – how does the summoning circle work?

The summoning circle is a special pentagram in Phasmophobia that makes it easy to summon a ghost. Players using it can earn a reward for taking down a phantom, but they can also die quickly. Check out how the summoning circle works and what the pentagram does in the game.

How does the pentagram work in Phasmophobia?

The summoning circle is one of six cursed items that can appear on the map during an assignment. It consists of a red circle painted with blood and a pentagram in the center. On the border of the circle the words “sacrifice your sanity” are written in runic alphabet. Outside are placed 5 black or red candles.

Usually, a circle with a pentagram appears in areas that are quite large so that it can fit all of it. You should look for it in basements, garages and large rooms, but there is also a chance that it will appear in a small bathroom on the carpet. Therefore, you need to check every room in your home.

pentagram phasmophobia

How to use a summoning circle?

To activate the summoning circle in Phasmophobia, you must light all five candles with the lighter. Note that each candle subtracts 16% mental health for nearby players, so once all candles are lit, the players’ sentience will drop by 80%. The candles on the pentagram can go out after a while or be blown out by a ghost, just like normal candles from the inventory.

Once all five candles are lit, the spirit will be summoned in its physical form, with the exception of Shade, which will appear as a shadow. The summoned spirit, after appearing in the center of the pentagram, will be immobilized for up to 6 seconds. This is the perfect moment to take a picture of the ghost. The summoning will also be counted as a paranormal event in the bonus quests.

how pentagram phasmophobia works

Playing with the pentagram in Phasmophobia is particularly dangerous, because after a few seconds the ghost leaves the circle and immediately begins a cursed hunt. At this point, no crucifix or incense will work on the ghost, so the only way to survive is to run away and hide well. Once activated, the summoning circle cannot be used again. It is possible to activate the circle during the hunt. The ghost will then be teleported to it, and the hunt itself will be extended by 20 seconds without being interrupted.

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