Phasmophobia haunted mirror – how to use?

The haunted mirror in Phasmophobia is one of the cursed items that can be found in the game during an assignment. When activated, it allows you to quickly locate a ghost, but exposes the player to potential death. Below is how the haunted mirror works and how it can be used.

How does a haunted mirror work? Phasmophobia

The haunted mirror appeared in the game with the December Phasmophobia update. It is one of six cursed items that can be found on the map during gameplay. You need to be very focused while searching for it, as it is not the only mirror that appears in the game. The characteristics of the haunted mirror are the oval shape and the shiny frame.

The haunted mirror in Phasmophobia must be used in the investigation area – otherwise it will not work. To activate the mirror, take it in your empty hand and then press the right mouse button. When activated, the haunted mirror will show part of the room where the ghost is located as a vast panorama. The view from the mirror is a live feed of the room, so any items left behind by players will be visible, as well as lights on or off. The mirror will also show players who are in the ghost room except for the player holding the mirror.

how phasmophobia mirror works

Negative effects – haunted mirror Phasmophobia

Activating the haunted mirror in Phasmophobia and using it depletes the player’s mental health very quickly – about 10%/sec. If the psychic health of the player holding the mirror drops to zero, the mirror will crack and the ghost will begin a cursed hunt. The player who is holding the mirror will see a visible crack on the object, and the other players will hear a distinct sound of breaking glass. Note that some ghosts may change the room they are in. If this happens, use the haunted mirror again, as long as it has not been shattered before.

phasmophobia mirror
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