Phasmophobia Music Box – how does it work?

The music box in Phasmophobia is one of the cursed items that can appear in a haunted house. It helps in locating the ghost’s room, but used incorrectly it can expose players to potential death. Below is how to use the music box and what effects it has.

How does a music box work? Phasmophobia

The music box was added to Phasmophobia with the game’s December update. It is one of six cursed items that can appear in the investigation area. You can most often find the music box on shelves, cabinets, and tables. To use the music box, take it in your empty hand and then press the right mouse button. Activated music box, it can be used only once.

how to use the phasmophobia music box

Activating the music box in Phasmophobia will cause the ghost to start singing, indicating the room it is in. If the music box playing is near the ghost (5 meters or less), the phantom will reveal itself and start walking towards the cursed object. When using the music box, you can hold it in your hands or place it on the ground after activation. The second way is definitely safer, as it protects you from the cursed hunt. When the melody ends, the box will close and cannot be used again.

Phasmophobia music box – what to watch out for?

Using a music box is very dangerous because it can trigger a cursed hunt. The spirit can start it in the following cases:

  • The ghost touches the player who is holding the music box,
  • Player walks around with the music box on for more than 5 seconds,
  • Player has 0% mental health,
  • The music box will be knocked out of the player’s hand while the melody is playing.

If any of the above scenarios happen in the game, the music box will stop the tune and the ghost will immediately start a cursed hunt. The music box in Phasmophobia will also stop if the hunt begins for any other reason.

music box phasmophobia where to find

Listening to music box music causes the player to lose mental health. A person holding a music box in Phasmophobia and listening to the entire melody will lose about 70% of their Mental Health. Mental health is only reduced if the player hears the music box song, and the rate of mental health reduction depends on the player’s distance from the cursed item. This affects all players on the map, regardless of whether they activated the music box or not.

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