Phasmophobia tarot cards – meaning and effects

Tarot cards are one of six cursed items that can appear on the map during a game of Phasmophobia. They can be used to restore mental health, revive a player, and cause death. Below is the meaning of each card and the effects they have on players.

Description of Tarot Cards – Phasmophobia

Tarot cards are a cursed item that can draw itself on the map during an assignment. Its chance of appearing is 1 in 6, or about 16-17%. This item appeared in the game with the December Phasmophobia update. Finding the item can be a bit of a challenge, as the deck of cards itself in Phasmophobia is quite small and does not stand out from other items. Most often, however, tarot cards can be found on tables, kitchen countertops, and cabinets.

cards tarot phasmophobia

Each deck found contains 10 random tarot cards from the 10 available in the game. Some of the cards in the deck are usually repeated, and the random selection means that you never know if a card will help the game or make it more difficult. Each card in Phasmophobia has a unique effect on the player or the spirit, and when used, burns and disappears in a colorful flame. Drawing a tarot card is only possible inside a building – only then do the cards have a chance to work.

Meaning of tarot cards – Phasmophobia

The tarot cards drawn can significantly affect the subsequent gameplay. Some cards make the player safe, even after being caught by a ghost, but there are also some that cause instant death. Below is a list of the importance of tarot cards in Phasmophobia along with their descriptions, effects, and percentage chance of being drawn. This gives you a chance to avoid death caused by a sudden hunt.

The Wheel of fortune

the wheel of fortune cards tarot phasmophobia

Effect: The card affects the player’s mental health positively or negatively depending on the color of the smoke of the burn. Green smoke means a 25% increase in mental health, and red smoke means a 25% decrease in mental health
Smoke Color: Green or Red
Chance to draw: 20%

The Fool

the fool cards tarot phasmophobia

Effect: At first, it will appear as another card, and after a while, it turns into “The Fool”. Makes the drawn card have no effect
Smoke Color: Purple
Chance to Draw: 17% or 100% during the ghost hunt

The Devil

the devil cards tarot phasmophobia

Effect: Triggers a ghost event. The ghost can appear in full or translucent form and make a sound for a specific player
Smoke Color: Pink
Chance of being drawn: 10%.

The Hermit

the hermit cards tarot phasmophobia

Effect: Teleports the spirit back to its room and traps it there for 1 minute
Smoke Color: Blue
Chance to draw: 10%


death cards tarot phasmophobia

Effect: Invokes immediate hunting by the spirit
Smoke Color: Purple
Chance to be drawn: 10%

The Sun

the sun cards tarot phasmophobia

Effect: Fully restores the player’s mental health to 100%
Smoke Color: Yellow
Chance to draw: 5%

The Moon

the moon cards tarot phasmophobia

Effect: Instantly lowers a player’s mental health to 0%.
Smoke Color: White
Chance to be drawn: 5%

The Tower

the tower cards tarot phasmophobia

Effect: Causes the ghost to interact with its surroundings, such as turning off lights, throwing objects, or ringing phones.
Smoke Color: Blue
Chance of being drawn: 5%.

The High Preistess

the high preistess cards tarot phasmophobia

Effect: Revives a dead player or will revive the next player who is caught by the spirit and dies
Smoke Color: Yellow
Chance to draw: 2%

The Hanged Man

the hanged man cards tarot phasmophobia

Effect: Instantly kills the player
Smoke color: none
Chance of being drawn: 1%

Additional information about tarot cards at Phasmophobia

Before using tarot cards in Phasmophobia, it’s a good idea to take a picture of them, because after the tenth card is used, the entire deck disappears and only one deck of cards appears during the assignment. It is also important not to reveal any more cards during the hunt/attack, as they will all turn into “The Fool” with no effect.

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